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Commendation / Complaint Form

  1. The mission of the LaSalle Police Department is Success Through Service to the citizens of our community.  If you have had contact with any member of the LaSalle Police Department and have a compliment or complaint, please let us know.  It is our goal to maintain a high level of standards and professionalism you expect from your Police Department.

    It is the policy of the LaSalle Police Department to investigate all complaints against Department Personnel, regardless of the source of such complaints.   Investigations of these complaints are conducted through standardized procedures.  

    **While supporting the reporting of legitimate complaints as a means by which the Department can be accountable to the public, the Department also seeks to hold members of the public responsible for the reporting of false and malicious allegations.   The LaSalle Police Department will initiate appropriate legal action in cases involving false reporting.  It is a criminal offense to knowingly make a false report to law enforcement authorities. Colorado revised Statutes 18-8-111** 

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