LaSalle Day 2020

LaSalle Days 2020 Has Been Canceled

LaSalle Residents:

It is with deep regrets that I must inform you that the Board and I made the very difficult decision tonight to cancel LaSalle Days 2020. Over the past couple weeks I have consulted with health officials from the County and have had phone conversations with each Board member and town staff as to whether we should continue to plan or cancel. Many factors were considered through this process and this was not an easy decision by any stretch. One of the most difficult things as an elected official is when you have to make decisions that you personally don’t like or agree with but you know deep down that it’s what’s best for your town as a whole. LaSalle Days is something we all look forward to every year and our fireworks are second to none. It’s absolutely heart wrenching for me to deliver this kind of news to you but I really felt that you all should hear it from me first. The cancellation will be posted on our website and we’ll probably place something in the North Weld Herald as well. Please continue to stay safe out there and once again sorry for the bad news.

Mayor Andy