Police - Success Through Service


LaSalle Police Department

Mandated by town charter, ordinances, operating procedures, state and federal laws to serve citizens of the incorporated town limits. To this end we have adopted the slogan "Success through Service", which each officer strives to accomplish on a daily basis. You can find this slogan on the police cars as a reminder not only to the public but to the officers as well.

Police Force & Dispatch

The LaSalle Police Department has eight full time Officers including a full time Code Enforcement Officer, a full time School Resource Officer and one part time Secretarial Assistant. Chief Dave Arnold heads the department. Our department is dispatched from the Greeley/Weld County Communications Regional system located in Greeley, Colorado. Dispatch also answers our non-emergency phone number after hours to ensure that your needs are met by the Police Department. Citizens also have the comfort of the enhanced 911 emergency system, which automatically dispatches the applicable emergency service for each particular call.

Dave's 411

  1. Scam and Fraud Cases
  2. Fentanyl PSA
  3. Stray Cats
  4. CIRT

Please remember to NEVER give out any personal information over the phone, by text or email.  There is no Government Agency that will call you if there is a problem with an account, or that they suspect you to be a victim of fraud.  

The two biggest issues we have seen:  

1.    Unemployment Fraud. If you find yourself a victim of unemployment fraud follow the directions located on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment web site https://cdle.colorado.gov/fraud-prevention.  We have seen this fraud come one of two ways. Either you will receive an email informing you of your unemployment benefits or you will receive a debit card in the mail when you in fact are not unemployed.  Report it as fraud through the Department of Labor website and contact the LaSalle Police Department to file a police report.

2.    Being called by the IRS stating you have an unpaid tax bill, a Fraud Prevention Agency stating you are the victim of identity theft, or a Local Law Enforcement Agency claiming you have a warrant for your arrest.  Again, NEVER give out any personal information over the phone.  Many times, they will tell you to stay on the phone with them and instruct you to go to a store and get a gift card, usually a “Vanilla” or “I Tunes gift card”. Once you have the gift card, they will tell you to read them the account numbers from the card or have you sent them a picture of the card. They will contact you from a phone number that looks legitimate.  

Be cautious and remember DO NOT give out any personal information