Town of LaSalle


LaSalle is located in central Weld County, five miles south of the county seat of Greeley. Incorporated in 1910, the town of LaSalle has a rich railroad and farming history.  With a population of just under 2,000, LaSalle is proud to boast small town atmosphere while providing easy access to Colorado’s major front range cities as well as Denver International Airport.


LaSalle, Colorado

Town of LaSalle

128 N 2nd St LaSalle Co 80645


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Board Vacancy

The Town of LaSalle is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy on the Board of Trustees. The term for this position expires April 2016.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a registered voter in the Town of LaSalle, and must have resided in the Town for the 12 consecutive months prior to applying.

If you are interested in serving your Town by becoming a Trustee, please submit a letter of interest to the Board of Trustees, C/O Town Clerk, no later than Friday, July 31st at 3:00 pm.

Letters can be mailed/hand carried to: 128 N. 2nd St., LaSalle                                                                      or emailed to:

For additional information, call Town Hall at 970-284-6931.

Water testing company not affiliated with the Town

Residents have recently been finding door hangers on their property from a sales company called Clear Water Research. They are offering water testing and collecting personal information from residents. The Town of LaSalle has no association with this company and we advise extreme caution before providing personal information to anyone.

The information gathered by Clear Water Research is not being used for any purpose related to the operation of the Town of LaSalle water utility. Clear Water Research is a private company offering self-described, environmental products.

               Planning & Zoning Commission

Currently there is one seat open on the LaSalle Planning and Zoning Commission.  The Commission is a recommending body only to the Board of Trustees and meets once a month depending upon agenda items.  The appointed member will assist in the review of land development applications and comprehensive  plan updates as dictated by State Statutes.   Recent reviews included the Family Dollar store and an annexation.  If interested, please submit a letter of interest to Town Hall.  128 N. 2nd St. Attn. Mayor Martinez.