Police Department


The LaSalle Police Department is mandated by town charter,

ordinances, operating procedures, state and federal laws to

serve citizens of the incorporated town limits. To this end we

have adopted the slogan "Success through Service", which each

officer strives to accomplish on a daily basis. You can find this

slogan on the police cars as a reminder not only to the public but

to the officers as well. The LaSalle Police Department has

six full time officers and one part time Secretarial Assistant.

Chief Carl L. Harvey heads the department.

Our Department is dispatched from the  Greeley/Weld County Communications

Regional system located in Greeley, Colorado. Dispatch also

answers our non emergency phone number after hours to

ensure that  your needs are met by the Police Department.

Citizens also  have the comfort of the enhanced 911 emergency

system, which automatically dispatches the applicable

emergency service for each particular call.

LaSalle Police Department offers service to the citizens of

LaSalle 24 hours a day. Office hours are from 8:30

a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Community programs provided by the LaSalle Police Department:

  1. Security Check program (Click here for security check form)

  2. Santa Cops

  3. Fingerprinting

  4. Bicycle licensing and safety

  5. Neighborhood Watch

  6. Crime Stoppers

  7. Vehicle Identification Number Verification program

  8. Critical Incident Response Protocol (Click here for CIRT)

Information on these programs can be obtained by calling the Police Department during business hours.

The Town of LaSalle holds Municipal Court on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at the Town Hall west wing. For more information contact the Court Clerk by calling (970) 284-5541 during business hours. Additional online information is available on our Municipal Court page.

LaSalle Police Department

128 N 2nd St

LaSalle CO 80645

Carl Harvey

Police Chief

(970) 284-5541


Dave Miller


(970) 284-5541


Dave Arnold


(970) 284-5541


Ryan Calhoon


(970) 284-5541


Matt Emmert


(970) 284-5541


Caroline Persichetti


  1. (970)284-5541


Dion Wild


  1. (970)284-5541


Kenneth Fernandez


  1. (970)284-5541


Town of LaSalle

128 N 2nd St LaSalle Co 80645